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Poop. October 1, 2009

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I suppose I should get use to poop. Today I came home and Ollie had a bit of an accident. He pooped all over. I thought someone had broke into our house just to die. It smelled horrible. Being pregnant makes that smell monumental. I bucked up and dealt with the situation all except for the washing of the dog which will be Scott’s contribution. He is strong and bad which with a sore back and all that I really don’t want to drag him to the doggy wash on my own. Scott is busy at work but is coming home early to take care of this wild animal. I felt so bad for him. He looked SO sad when I came in the house today. He knew he had made a mess. You can’t get mad at this face!ollie


4 Responses to “Poop.”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Funny how some dogs just know they have done something that we won’t like. I can always tell when I come home if Sadie has done something.

    I love this idea. Post pictures of belly please. I loves the mama-belly.

    Auntie Cindy

  2. i know! he felt so bad. i will post pictures of belly soon. it’s definitely starting to pop out that is FOR SURE!

  3. hey, kym! oh the belly pics will soon arrive. 🙂

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